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Wonderful collection of Minigames designed to teach Kids about the Environment! An Interactive and Positive experience for Children to Enjoy and Learn Eco Friendly habits

Games Can make the Difference!

Educational Fun Games for Kids and Family focused on Environmental values ??and Good habits! Delightful hand-drawn Art and the Most engaging Set of games to enjoy and master!

Playing for a Better World is a video game focused on teaching values and good habits, which includes several games that address important issues such as animal welfare, renewable energy, ecology, waste classification and recycle, industrial responsibility, over-consumption and deforestation, healthy diet and much more!

Collect Stars and Unlock Awesome outfits and Learn how to make a better world by collecting all the valuable phrases!

Playing for a Better World Features:

  • 7 Unique games with Different mechanics and Environmental themes
  • Beautiful HD illustrations and animations
  • Easy to learn and Challenging
  • Dress up the character with an awesome and funny wardrobe and some classic outfits
  • Environmental phrases and values ??to collect and add to the Better World Library
  • Total Collected Stars counter and Better World Library collection for a Progression experience
  • Share achievements, Phrases collected, Customized character
  • iMessage Stickers
  • iCloud Saving
  • Optimized for iPhone X

Playing for a Better World, is a great game for children and the family nucleus, providing values and teachings in fun ways involving all the family. It is a game of simple mechanics but at the same time engaging with collectibles and customization.

A wonderful, educational opportunity for kids to learn about the environment. It inspires awareness for the environment and out planet

The game is specifically designed for kids to learn to Take care of the environment while playing exciting and engaging games!

Stay tuned:

Games Can make the Difference!


Coming Soon to Apple App Store Trailer YouTube

Coming Soon Trailer YouTube


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